Privacy Policy


Respecting the privacy of users is a basic policy of “TaoTie”. Therefore, “TaoTie” may not disclose, edit or disclose its registration materials and non-public content stored in the “TaoTie” client without the authorization of the user, unless “TaoTie” believes that the information is disclosed below on the basis of good faith. Several situations are necessary:

(1) Compliance with relevant laws and regulations, including the information content posted by the user on “TaoTie” and its release time, Internet address or domain name when inquiring by the relevant state authorities.

(2) Maintain the intellectual property rights and other important rights of “TaoTie”.

(3) Strive to maintain the privacy of users and the general public in an emergency.

(4) In accordance with the relevant provisions of this article or other circumstances that “TaoTie” deems necessary.


However, the user chooses or agrees at the time of registration, or the user and the "TaoTie" and the cooperation unit have otherwise agreed on the disclosure or use of the user's personal information, and the user shall bear any risk that may arise, "TaoTie" This is not responsible.


The user agrees that the personal privacy information refers to information that can personally identify the user or involve personal communication, including the following information: the user's name, ID number, mobile number, IP address, and email address information. The non-personal private information refers to the general information that the user clearly and objectively reflects the basic record information and other all personal privacy information on the “TaoTie” server side, such as the operating status and usage habits of the software.


In general, "TaoTie" requires the use of user information resources for the following reasons:

(1) Perform a software verification service.

(2) Perform a software upgrade service.

(3) Network synchronization service.

(4) Improve user safety and provide customer support.

(5) “TaoTie” or the partner unit needs to provide the user's information to the third party associated with the user because the user uses the specific function of the software or because the user requests “TaoTie” or the partner to provide a specific service.

(6) Execute the “ToTie” Privacy Policy, which users can access the “TaoTie” client to view the statement.

(7) Other benefits for the user and "TaoTie".


Under the premise of not revealing the privacy information of individual users, “TaoTie” has the right to analyze the entire user database and make commercial use of the user database.